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provides a large array of services for your computer at home. From simple and expert troubleshooting of existing computer problems to all-encompasing business solutions, we offer and will provide the solution to optimize your system and make your computing experience enjoyable.
We have over ten years of experience helping home-office business systems work integrally with their owners' needs.

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Is your business networked? Psybre's mission is to lend information technology experience and resources to your local business. The 21st century has arrived and business success in this new age requires the efficient and reliable flow of information within your business.
Psybre can provide you with the infrastructure, workflow processes, software tools and administration services to remain competitive.

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Windows 2000 Professional Classes
Networking Technologies Workshops
Web-based Internet Campaigns & Fundraising.
Please contact us by telephone or e-mail if your business or organization would be interested in training seminars. Psybre also sponsors computer and telecom networking events.

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