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Computer and Information Technology Services for your Business
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mission is to lend information technology experience and resources to your business.
The 21st century has arrived and business success in this new age requires the efficient and reliable flow of information within your business.
Psybre can provide you with the infrastructure, workflow processes, software tools and administrative services to remain competitive. It is our policy to offer any and all necessary equipment and software to our clients at the discounted cost, with no additional markups of any kind. There is no cost for initial consultation.
Business Network Solutions
  Server Installation & Administration
        Novell Netware, versions 3.11 through 5.2
        Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server
        Citrix Winframe and Metaframe
        Messaging/Internet Servers, including Microsoft Backoffice
  Wide Area Networking
        Design and Engineering, Initial Installations
        Router/Switch Administration and Upgrades
        Internet Technologies
        Virtual Private Networks
  Local Area Networking
        Design and Engineering, Initial Installations
        Administration and Network Hardware Upgrades
        Data and Voice Convergence, Telephony
  Security Diagnosis (TCP/IP and IPX traffic)
  Disaster Prevention and Recovery
  Database Design and Development
  Backup and Data Storage Solutions

Business Internet Solutions
  Web Site Services
        Initial design and setup
        Maintenance and basic services
        Professional services (training, web serving, etc.)
  Bandwidth sharing and optimization
  Internet troubleshooting
  E-commerce packages
  Security Diagnosis
Workflow Solutions
  Custom Windows and DOS programming
  Microsoft Office applications development
  Intranet development
Education and Training
  Individual employee and group sessions:
        Microsoft Windows, all platforms
        Microsoft Office applications
        Business application programming
        Network and server administration
Other Professional Services
  Hardware repair and installation
  Software consulting and installation
Advance payment for services is welcomed. Blocks of 4 or more hours of service paid in advance will garner a 10% discount. Some projects may be negotiated for flat-rate pricing.

Thank you for considering Psybre, Inc.
for your next information technology project.

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