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Over the years we have experienced the following vendors to deliver products of quality and reliable service. As an independent consulting company we will strive to provide you with the product and services tailored to your home or business. If you have a preferred vendor that is not listed here, Psybre can and will provide support your preference.
In alphabetical order below are some of the vendors Psybre has been working with for many years and with whom we have officially partnered.

3Com   Adtran   Cisco Systems   Oneota Net   Shiva
3Com Corporation  
3Com Corporation is an industry leader in developing network strategies and technologies that empower individual users and their organizations. 3Com provides all the elements necessary for building a solid networking infrastructure from a single source. Pervasive global networking--the ability to link all users, anytime, anywhere, is at the heart of 3Com's vision.
Known more recently for their Palm Pilot handheld computers and U.S. Robotics modems, 3Com has been making network interface cards and hubs for ethernet networks ever since the technology was born. As with the other vendors listed here, Psybre has experienced first-hand the reliability of 3Com product. For example, our technicians have installed dozens of SuperStack II switches and have never had to replace any of them. Not only do 3Com products run practically forever, with the proper network design and planning, they are scaleable and useful for years.

Click here to visit 3Com's web site.
Adtran, Inc. Adtran, Inc. is a recognized industry leader in DDS, ISDN, T1, and Frame Relay access markets, with the industry's broadest line of products and award-winning service and support organizations. Success in the telephone company and end-user marketplaces has uniquely positioned Adtran to offer the most comprehensive product line of any vendor in the industry, providing end-to-end solutions using manageable, scalable systems.
Adtran has demonstrated to Psybre time and time again the reliability of their access products. Once configured and installed, they can run for years without any further maintenance.

Click here to visit the Adtran web site.
Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco Systems, Inc.'s products and services give people access to the information they need by connecting information devices through intelligent, secure, and reliable networks. Their hardware and software products link computers so people have access to information, regardless of differences in time, place, or type of computer system. Customers benefit from Cisco networking solutions through more efficient exchange of information, which in turn leads to cost savings, process efficiencies, and closer relationships with customers, business partners, and employees.
Psybre has been familiar with Cisco and their products for several years. In fact, Psybre just last February successfully completed the Cisco Career Certifications test requirements, and is now recognized as a Cisco Certified Network Associate. Cisco's access routers and switches have been used and continue to be used more than any other vendor to build the public internet. Mark Simmonds reports that Cisco's service is the best in the industry. The immediate response by Cisco technical support and equipment replacement the next day is the refreshing way this company does business.

Click here to visit the Cisco web site.
Oneota Net Oneota Net has been serving the internet connectivity needs of northeast Iowa computer users for more than four years! Locally owned and operated, they care about customer satisfaction. Oneota Net offers competitive rates for accounts and many additional services. Try it and see guarantee! You will see it work before you pay.
Psybre is hosted by Oneota Net. Having used numerous on-line services during the last 10 years, believe us when we say Oneota Net does it right and for the right price.

Click here to visit Oneota Net.
Shiva Partnership Logo Shiva Corporation is the industry leader in business remote access solutions. Shiva's direct dial and virtual private network (VPN) products, combined with their service and support offerings equip business with the tools needed to enhance productivity.
In our opinion, Shiva offers products and services for accessing remote networks securely and reliably through products and services that are inexpensive to operate, easy to manage. Here in Decorah and the surrounding communities, businesses of all sizes and types can benefit greatly by using Shiva products to connect to the business network from home, and from virtually anywhere around the world that has a telephone line.

Click here to visit Shiva's web site.
3Com   Adtran   Cisco Systems   Oneota Net   Shiva

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