Résumé for Mark D. Simmonds


Phone: 563/382-1255


February 10, 2002

(Salary History and references available upon request.)




Professional Summary

Currently providing information technology services to business and individuals in northeast Iowa.  Incorporated April 2000 as Psybre, Inc. (http://www.psybre.com)

5 solid years experience in designing and implementing hierarchical router (wide-area) networks and data networking solutions, which include the use of primarily Cisco routers, 3Com and HP switches, Microsoft NT and Novell Netware server platforms and associated network standards and communication protocols. Management and enhancement of existing networks for 10 years.

14 years experience working in information technology.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 1/2000. Pursuing Cisco CNP certification.

Strong knowledge of data communications internetworking and WAN/LAN technologies; i.e. xDSL, frame relay, Ethernet, Token Ring, PCs, routers, muxes, and CSU/DSUs.

Internet Service Provider experience including dial-up, DSL & fixed wireless solutions.  Web page design using Dreamweaver, MySQL, Access and Resin application server.

WAN-to-Host communications experience.

Experience in implementing convergence of data/voice networks: shared DS1s, drop/insert implementations; Lucent Definity PBXs & ACD.

Custom programming for MS-DOS and MS-Windows operating systems

Good project management and team skills: ability to develop, document, and explain technical solutions to co-workers and end-users alike.


Sagebrush Corporation —— www.sagebrushcorp.com

Telecommunications Specialist, October 1997 to January 2000
Reference: Mr. Jim McDonald  (507) 725-5411

Daily administration of: Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x, 5.x; Microsoft NT Server 3.x, 4.0; Citrix Winframe 1.X; Apple MacIntosh/Microsoft Windows clients using Microsoft Office, Onyx SFA, departmental software, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, e.g.; telco lines (POTS, T1s); LAN/WAN hardware & protocols (layers 1-4)Engineered and built data/voice WAN (Cisco 3640/1600s -- ADC Kentrox drop/insert CSU/DSUs -- Lucent Definity ECS PBXs)..

Re-built LAN infrastructures (4 locations, 300 nodes), 10baseT and 100baseTX networks using 3Com switches/hubs.

Designed multi-user inventory-tracking support program for MIS department.

On-going troubleshooting/enhancement/administration/repair and support for Cisco routers.

Documented disaster recovery plan.

Management Applied Programming, Inc. (MAP) —— www.mapinc.com

Telecommunications Specialist, January 25, 1988 to July 15, 1997
Reference: Ms. Terry Banning  (310) 397-7220

Daily administration (1997)
Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x, SAA 2.0 Servers; Microsoft NT Server 3.x, Microsoft Windows and IBM OS/2 clients using Microsoft Office and departmental software; LAN/WAN hardware & protocols; maintenance of 10baseT LANs (5 locations, 200 nodes); hardware and software support for end-users; remote access services administration; hardware upgrades; consulting and hands-on for new client and in-house solutions; storage management/tape backup; recommending hardware and software purchases; maintain/troubleshoot NetSoft AdaptASYNC controller (6-modem dial-in for 3270 emulation, RJE and Printer sessions); PC-to-mainframe file transfers; maintain legacy CA-Clipper and dBase code maintain, troubleshoot, support and enhance customized versions of EZ-Entry PLUS 3.0; design/consult html; on-going coding for 7-UP/RC Bottling Company's Retirement Plan; supervise and consult for MS-Access, MS-Visual Basic and Borland Delphi 2.0 programming projects

Individual Projects
Researched, recommended, implemented and documented remote access services for telecommuting and client access to MAP's WAN.

Installed a Netware 4.11 server designated to be used as the main gateway between MAP's mainframe and its WAN. Installed 254-user Novell SAA 2.0 for Netware gateway and HostPrint 1.1 16-user. Maintained, supervised and troubleshooted this critical datastream.

Rewrote EZ-Entry PLUS for multi-user capability. It is a customizable system as a data-entry front end and updatable database look-up application for list maintenance. Required thorough knowledge of PC-to-mainframe communications, mailing list maintenance, and network application issues.

7-Up/RC Bottling Company Employee Retirement Plan: designed and coded a system for administrating this pension plan for 800 employees. It was solely maintained and administered by myself.

Wrote a custom inventory-tracking application for MAP.

Wrote a custom program that produces diskettes for distribution, checks balances and outputs to an MS-Word document guaranteeing integrity of data downloaded from the mainframe. This is policy data for a nationwide insurance company.

Joint Projects
Installed 20-user Netware 3.11 LAN for satellite office. Tasks included server set-up, cabling, software installation, purchase recommendations, training, directory structure design, and implementing backup procedures.

Installed 100-user Netware 3.11 LAN for corporate office. Tasks similar to above. In addition, configured and installed an SAA Gateway.

Demonstrated Imaging Solution for a MAP client. This project included procuring and helping to implement imaging software and hardware, coordinating with vendors for workstations, scanners, servers, etc. Estimates were for approximately 5,000 pages per day ongoing, and in excess of 1 million pages to convert.

Implement two and convert one Netware 4.11 LANs for a large law firm. Tasks to date include consultation and research, specifically for WAN hardware and software, and recovering local network from boot-sector virus that had crippled their system.

Design workflow application for in-house use. Program requirements included job tracking, workflow, employee timesheets, and reporting. Tasks to date are consultation, OLE-specific programming and writing two modules.

Upgraded 100-user Netware 3.11 to Netware 4.11.

Researched, and implemented remote access services and Internet access services to MAP's LAN both for in-house and client use.

Merged new satellite office to MAP's LAN. This team project involved moving the office, converting token-ring topology to ethernet, establishing a 56kb and ISDN wide-area network, merging/trimming five 4.11 Netware servers down to 3 4.11 servers that are now part of the WAN, train employees on new programs and workflow processes.

Merged additional satellite office to MAP's LAN. Project involved upgrading workstations to Windows '95, configuring routers, merging/trimming the trees, upgrading server hardware, installing client software (MS-Office, 3270 client emulation).

Duties (1990-1994)
During this time, I was responsible for all duties in regards to our personal computers. One assistant was hired in August, 1993 and a second assistant was hired in June, 1994. All programming, repair and troubleshooting, communications and networking, installation of software and hardware, consulting, purchasing and training was ultimately my responsibility, and until 1993 I worked alone. I frequently traveled to sell, demonstrate and install the EZ-Entry PLUS system for our clients.

Duties (1988-1990)
Primarily secretarial: Employee benefits administration, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Preparing/Designing Proposals and Contracts for parent company (MAP) and affiliate (American Insurance Administrators), Create and use numerous databases to enhance production, Inventory, Type Letters, forms, contract amendments for executives, Switchboard, Telephone monitoring (financial), Supplies Procurement, Programming dBase III+, WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 scripts, Single-entry and Double-entry Bookkeeping, Desktop Publishing, Special Projects.


Consultant, June 15, 1988 to July 15, 1997
Reference: Dr. Roger B. Selbert    (310) 451-2990


A newsletter produced, operated and edited independently by Dr. Roger Selbert which since 1976 has been presciently reporting on economic, social, political, technological, demographic, lifestyle, consumer, business, management, workforce and marketing trends.

I provided desktop publishing and database programming and management services to Dr. Selbert for FutureScan. Please see Leo J. Shapiro & Associates and SPNB below.

Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, Inc.

June 15, 1987 to June 15, 1988
Reference: Dr. Roger B. Selbert (310) 451-2990

FutureScan was taken under the auspices of this marketing research firm when SPNB (see below) dissolved its Futures Research Division. After one year, Dr. Selbert discontinued his contract with LJS in order to become an independent news source.

In addition to those presented under SPNB below: word processed report for major new client which yielded an initial $8,000 and further business of $20,000/year for the past two years; Initial LJS-FutureScan invoicing; moved office.

Security Pacific National Bank, Futures Research Division

Senior Secretary, December 20, 1986 to June 15, 1987
Reference: Dr. Roger B. Selbert (310) 451-2990

Duties included: word processing of the weekly newsletter FutureScan, along with letters, essays, reports; prepare newsletter for electronic mail; maintain the database for all mailing lists, and oversee the clerk responsible for the mailing; assemble statistical reports; conduct correspondence both by mail and telephone relating to FutureScan or other publications; handle administrative duties for the editor (filing/business expense reports, etc.); invoice new subscribers; process purchase orders; process payments to be sent to accounts payable; answer phones; order supplies.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, P.A.C.A. Branch, Los Angeles Office

Clerk/Typist, October 1985 to November 1986)
Reference: Mr. Byron F. Geist      (602) 629-6015

Duties included: word processing; data entry; programming; modem use; typing; interactive business calling/receiving.

(Office moved to Tucson, AZ, November 1986)

League of Rural Voters, National Office

Summer Internship, 1985

Word processing letters; software trouble-shooter; printing labels; minor bookkeeping; copying; mailing.

 Westtown School  —— www.westtown.edu

Computer Lab Supervisor, December 1982 to May 1983

Employed by school to facilitate small terminal network of Apple II+ computers; tutored students in Basic programming.


High School Education:

1983        Westtown School, Westtown, PA                                   http://www.westtown.edu

Secondary Education:

1983-85    Luther College, Decorah, Iowa                                      http://www.luther.edu

Computer Trade-Related Education:

1991        Troubleshooting the IBM-PC (5-day hands-on troubleshooting Intel-based computers)

1993        Novell Netware 3.11 Training (Netware 3.11 System Manager, Netware 3.11 Service/Support)

1994-95    Novell Netware 4.1 Training (Netware 4.0 Administraion, Netware 4.1 Adv. Adminstration,
                           Netware 4.1 Installation/Configuration, Networking Technologies, Netware Service/Support,
                           Netware Connect [full Netware 4.x track])

1996        Mastering Computers’ Troubleshooting Windows ‘95

2000        Wave Technology's Cisco Certified Network Associate Boot-Camp

Computer Experience Applied

¨       Word Processing:          Microsoft Word; AmiPro (Word Pro); WordPerfect; WordStar; PFS; Multimate; Lanier No‑Nonsense

¨       Desktop Publishing:       Ventura Publisher, Corel-DRAW!

¨       Databases:                   MySQL, MS‑SQL Server, MS‑Access, Approach, dBase III+/IV/5 for Windows, BTrieve, Dataflex, FoxBase+, PFS Professional

¨       Communications:          Internet protocols, LapLink, PC/Anywhere, Carbon Copy, Procomm+, Qmodem Pro

¨       Op Systems:                 MS/PC/DR/Novell DOS; Harris-DOS; OS/2 2.11, OS/2 Warp; MS‑Windows 3.11/95/98/98SE; MS‑Windows Millennium; MS‑Windows NT 3.51/NT 4.0; MS‑Windows 2000 Professional/XP Home/XP Professional

¨       Network Op Sys:           Cisco IOS; Novell Netware 3.11/3.12/4.1/4.11/4.12/4.2/5; Microsoft NT Server 3.51/Server 4.0; Microsoft 2000 Server; Citrix Winframe 1.6/1.7; Lantastic; Invisible Software

¨       Languages:                  Rexx; MS-Access 7.0–9.0; MS-Visual Basic 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0; CA-Clipper; Borland Delphi 2.0; Borland dBase 5 (and earlier); CA-Realizer; Apple Basic & machine

¨       3270 Emulation:           Attachmate Extra!; Ideacomm for Windows/DOS; Netsoft 3270/Elite for Win95/for Windows 3.1x/for DOS; PJ/Forte

¨       Office Software:           Microsoft Office 4.3, Office 95, Office 97, Office 2000
Lotus 1-2-3 (incl. heavy scripting)
Lotus cc:Mail and Organizer
Norton Utilities (version 4.5 & up)

¨       Hardware (CPUs):         IBM based XT/PC/AT/386/486/Pentium and later desktops and servers
Sun Microsystems Netra
Harris Lanier Workstation 1200
Xerox 820 & Xerox 16/8
Apple Macintosh Plus and later
Apple II/II+/III


1995-to-1996            Los Angeles Delphi User Group

1989-to-1992            Southern California Ventura Publishers User Group

1991-to-1995            Visual Basic/Access Developers Group (VBADG)
                               (formerly Los Angeles Clipper Users Group)
                               Newsletter Editor

1992                        Association of CorelDRAW! Artists and Designers (ACAD)
                               Member of Founding Chapter


Editing:    newsletter

Writing:    World-Wide-Web pages, MS-Windows Help files, short story, novel

Music:      composition, technical and crew